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Consenso Labs is a web3 research and development lab where we confront ourselves to solve some of the critical problems in the crypto space. Currently, we are working on our flagship product (Safient)

About Us

Consenso Labs was started as a research lab to bring in futurist programmers and visionaries to explore the decentralization and other accompanying technologies to solve some of the fundamental problems. After exploring the newly exciting Web3 space for more than 3 years, we went back to the basic and yet critical problem in this space of self custody. So, we started working on Safient, a non-custodial secret recovery and inheritance protocol with a vision to preserve the crypto legacy of every individual.

Now is a magical time to join as we are just getting started at Safient. It’s a long journey and we want you to be part of it. Check out open roles below ↓




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Our return to office plan

We are a remote company as we are a tiny team at the moment. We believe in the right balance and home and work environment for the best outcome and healthy lifestyle. So, we may be soon become a hybrid team but we work from where ever we want as of now 😉


Work culture

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