We focus on delivering Safient services to everyone leveraging decentralization to the fullest. Our primary vision of Safient is to provide better usability, interoperable, secure services with the following edition:

Community edition: Individuals can use our community edition to create safes and inheritance plan right away.

Developer edition: Facilitates developers to integrate their applications to seamlessly connect and interact with the Safient safes via our SDKs.

Enterprise edition: We are working on our enterprise version to integrate with the existing crypto exchanges and custodial wallet services.

Our initial focus is to deliver a security audited version to the community with great usability, parallelly developing SDKs that could be integrated with other applications. We are also working on an enterprise version that provides better usability, scalable integrations with existing custodial solutions.

Here are a few use cases for Safient integration.

🏭 Custodial wallet solutions:


Coinbase Commerce

****Wallet solutions provided by services like Coinbase commerce rely on users to backup the secret recovery phrases on Google drive. This is not the best way to secure and recover digital assets. Integrating Safient safe to the Coinbase commerce merchants will allow them to safeguard and recover their assets anytime.


Torus wallet

****Torus is a great tool that lets the user create and access the wallet by authenticating using social logins. This improves the usability of many of the existing wallet applications. But even the Torus application needs you to backup the recovery seed phrases. They send the seed phrases through email. This is again a pretty insecure way to communicate secret information. Safient integration will allow Torus to safely back up the user recovery seed phrases and help them claim whenever needed.

Along with these integrations that essentially provides safe creations and claim by the creator themselves, they can also add beneficiaries to inherit those secrets.

Non custodial wallet solutions:


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